Odes to Oats | Circle Detection and Color Quantization
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Circle Detection and Color Quantization

Computer Vision Project

Language: Objective-C

Frameworks: Accelerate

Repository: Github


Image 1:

Hough circle detection.

  • Wrote Canny Edge Detector with adjustable thresholding.
  • Thresholded edges cast votes to make up Hough space for adjustable radius.


Image 2:

Color quantization in RGB space (k-means = 2).

  • Wrote  K-means for quantizing color in 3-Dimensional RGB space.


Image 3:

Color quantization in HSV space (solely on Hue, k-means = 3).

  • Wrote K-means for quantizing hue.
  • Wrote methods for conversion between RGB and HSV space.

March 25, 2015


Computer Vision, Image Processing, iOS