Odes to Oats | C++ Wireframe and Shading Renderer
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C++ Wireframe and Shading Renderer

Computer Graphics Project

Language: C++

Frameworks: GLUT, GLUI

Repository: Github


Implemented wireframe and solid renderer with shading in C++, mimicking render pipeline of OpenGL. (Programming included Bresenham’s line drawing and triangle fill algorithm, Modelview, Normal, and Perspective Matrix operations, Point/Line/Triangle drawing, Plane Clipping, Flat/Gouraud/Phong Shading, Material mapping, and UI Controls. Interface implemented with GLUI.)



Image 1:

Cone primitive rotation with GUI.


Image 2:

Cow model loading, wireframe geometry, and manipulation.


Image 3:

Rabbit model loading, geometry fill, Phong shading, and light sources.


C++, Computer Graphics